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Carhartt Work In Progress (Carhartt WIP) er en division af det amerikanske mærke Carhartt (est. 1889), der var et af de første firmaer i USA til at specialisere sig i arbejdstøj.
Carhartt Work In Progress er grundlagt i 1989 og kollektionen bygger videre på Carhartt's kerne produkter ved nænsomt at tilpasse dem en målgruppe, der sætter pris på et enkelt og tidsløst design i god kvalitet. Mixet med musik og skateboarding er brandet blevet taget til sig af subkulturer og stilbevidste folk i Amerika, Europa og herudover.

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Carhartt WIP i Skandinavien

Carhartt WIP retail og engrossalg i Skandinavien varetages af det danskejede selskab R&H A/S med showroom i København.
R&H A/S er etableret i 1995 og har haft agenturet på Carhartt WIP siden 1. januar 2000.

I Danmark ejer R&H A/S de tre Carhartt WIP Stores, der alle har adresse i København.
Herunder ses, hvornår de enkelte butikker er etableret:

2002 Carhartt WIP Store Copenhagen i Elmegade, Nørrebro
2011 Carhartt WIP Store Copenhagen i Krystalgade, City
2016 Carhartt WIP Store Copenhagen Fisketorvet

Se adresser og åbningstider for butikkerne.

Carhartt WIP Timeline


1855 Hamilton Carhartt is born in Macedon Locks, New York.
1889 With only four sewing machines and five employees, Hamilton Carhartt begins to manufacture overalls in duck and denim, under trade union conditions.
1910 The Carhartt Company expands to include two cotton mills in Georgia and South Carolina as well as factories in Detroit, Dallas and San Francisco.
1911 The Carhartt Automobile Corporation produces around 300 “Pleasure Cars” a year under the motto “The last word in motor construction”.
1914 During WWI, Carhartt produces workman uniforms for the military. With a reported total of 17 factories, the Carhartt clothing company reaches the height of its economic success in the first two decades of the 20th century.
1923 The iconic Carhartt CO1 Chore Coat is advertised for the first time and becomes a key part of the Carhartt collection.
1932 Carhartt opens a new factory in Irvine, Kentucky and launch the “Back to the Land” campaign to offer workers better conditions away from the slums, sweat shops and the general distress of large industrial towns, now filled with thousands of unemployed due to the Great Depression.
1937 Hamilton Carhartt dies in a car crash in Grosse Pointe, Michigan at age 82, leaving the company to his sons Hamilton Jr, and Wylie.
1941 As the USA enters WWII, the entire US economy experiences a boost as factories back the war effort. Soldiers both home and abroad need sturdy, durable apparel.
1966 The spring collection includes a line of classic sports apparel, casual jackets, jeans and shirts, all made of canvas, with product names such as “Huggers pants” and “Surfers”.
1989 Carhartt celebrates its centennial anniversary.

1989 - 2020

1989 Under the title “All American Concept”, Edwin Faeh begins to introduce distinctly American products, such as Carhartt, to the European market.
1992 The rise of Carhartt’s street credibility happens when it is adopted by rappers, graffiti writers and corner boys, for its robust qualities and utilitarian aesthetic.
1994 Work in Progress (WIP) is established by Edwin Faeh to become the exclusive distributor of Carhartt in Europe.
1995 Mathieu Kassovitz’s “La Haine” becomes one of the first movies to feature Carhartt, coinciding with its rising popularity in underground music and cultural scenes throughout Europe.
1996 Work In Progress acquires the license to manufacture Carhartt products outside of the USA, and releases its first collection the following year.
1997 The first Carhartt WIP store opens on Neal Street in London.
1997 Carhartt WIP launches its own skate and BMX teams.
1999 Evan Hecox creates a series of illustrated ad campaigns for the brand, with this style becoming synonymous with Carhartt WIP campaigns of that era.
2000 Carhartt WIP presents its first women’s collection.
2000 Combination Records is established by Edwin Faeh, Oliver Drewes, and Philipp Maiburg for Carhartt WIP as an open platform for new electronic music.
2003 The first issue of Rugged Magazine, a publication by Carhartt WIP, is launched. It would continue for a further 19 issues.
2007 “Dirt Ollies: A Skateboard Trip to Mongolia” by Alexander Basile, Pontus Alv and Bertrand Trichet is released. (Published by Bildschöne Bücher and Carhartt WIP).
2008 Carhartt WIP Radio is launched, providing a new platform to showcase record labels and artists.
2010 Carhartt WIP first begins to work on capsule collections and special projects with other like-minded brands. Over the years, the brand would go on to collaborate with the likes of A.P.C., Converse, Fragment Design, Junya Watanabe, Nike, Patta, Vans, Vestax, and Vetements.
2011 Carhartt WIP opens a store in New York City, coming full circle with its American origins.
2013 Carhartt WIP collaborates with Antiz Skateboards.
2014 Carhartt WIP celebrates its 25th anniversary.
2015 The book “From Dirt to Dust” is released, which revisits Mongolia a decade on from “Dirt Ollies.”
2016 “The Carhartt WIP Archives” book is released. Published by Rizzoli, it is the first extensive look inside the world of Carhartt WIP. The brand’s skate team, meanwhile, welcomes its first skaters from the US and Australia.
2017 Carhartt WIP works with Isle Skateboards on an exclusive capsule collection and “Paving Space” – a skateable art installation by Raphaël Zarka. The brand also becomes a member of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) and commits to source more sustainable cotton year on year.
2017 Carhartt WIP collaborates with Detroit techno icons Underground Resistance.
2018 Carhartt WIP collaborates with Russian skate brand PACCBET and pays tribute to UK reggae and dub label Trojan with a special capsule collection. The brand also presents Soul Skate – a documentary filmed at Moodymann’s Detroit festival. Carhartt WIP Radio, meanwhile, celebrates its 10th anniversary.
2019 Carhartt WIP opens its second store in the USA, located in Los Angeles. The brand also introduces organic cotton to its collections and collaborates with Australian label PASS-PORT Skateboards.
2020 Carhartt WIP continues to expand its product range, through ongoing partnerships with GORE-TEX INFINIUM and Converse. The brand also collaborates with Awake NYC.