Carhartt WIP Radio April 2021

Zozo Radio Show



This month’s Carhartt WIP Radio show is brought to you by Zozo (@zozo-on-soundcloud), the DJ, party organizer, radio host and music collector from Istanbul, known for experimenting at the fringes of dance music. Her colorful selection of grooves are often eclectic and experimental, while incorporating the melodies of her country’s rich musical history.

Her approach is further underlined by a focus on community, with music acting as a tool to build bridges between different groups, and functioning as a “a voice that will bring to life the importance of the values and emotions we tend to leave in the modern world”.

That same ethos has seen Zozo occupy a number of roles within her field, acting as the musical director of spaces such as Hush and Luzia in Istanbul, collaborating with Lyon’s @macadam-mambo community, and holding a residency at the Berlin club @sameheads, which hosts innovative underground talent from around the world. Additionally, she is a member of the electronic music and art collective ‘Les Belles De Nuit’ (@lbdn_zurich) from Zurich, which frequently supports women and queer artists.

As a DJ Zozo has been behind the decks of renowned clubs like Panorama Bar in Berlin, Contact in Tokyo, and Salon des Amateurs in Düsseldorf, while also regularly playing festivals like Atonal and Dekmantel Selektors.

For Carhartt WIP Radio Zozo prepared a mix that features the music of her peers, including the likes of Swedish leftfield downtempo duo @kanotmusic and Greek act @anatolianweapons, as well as some new music from Berlin’s Sameheads label and @liopress – a new adventurous label from Barcelona. When we asked Zozo about the vibe of her show, she replied: “The mix is like driving into a sonic sphere, a free flow with friends. Mystical, esoteric, dubby, peaceful, free and fun. Hopefully, it feels like a holiday!”

We also sat down with Zozo to discuss her life in Istanbul and more.

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track list:
1.: Aheloy - Y-Shape [Club in Theory]
2.: Benfika - Exodexo [Infinite Machine]
3.: Anatolian Weapons - We travel the spaceways [Anatolian Weapons]
4.: Kiri- Uu - Ilus Neiu Kiigel / Pretty Girl On A Swing [Stroom]
5.: Kiri- Uu - Kiik Tahab Kindaid / The Swing Yearns For Gifts [Stroom]
6.: Exhausted Modern - Pineal Gland (Philipp Otterbach Mix) [Endless Illusion]
7.: Kanot - Turbulens [Abstrack Records ]
8.: Kanot - Turbulens (Vidock Matrix remix) [Abstrack Records]
9.: Yosa Peit - Serpentine [Tax Free Records]
10.: Raudie - 6 Helixes [Super Utu]
11.: Deti Vechnosti - Pered Rassvetom [Sameheads]
12.: Il Quadro di Troisi - Sfere di Qi [Raster]
13.: Walden - Jalisco [LIO Press]
14.: Froid Dub - Shotgun Dub [Delodio]
15.: OKO DJ - When Her Lust Had Returned [Feng Shit Records ]
16.: Peter Graf York - Dunja [Planet Rescue]
17.: Lawrence Le Doux - Regina [Hivern Disc]
18.: Lil Ronin - Été 2017 [LIO Press]
19.: Amaringo - Yacurunas [Pinchy & Friends]
20.: Silvestre - Sueno [Meda Fury]
21.: Peter Graf York – Jiwa [Planet Rescue]
22.: Bright Future - Babel [Versatile Records]
23.: Ian Dury - Spasticus (Bikini Freak Dub Ajustement) [Macadam Mambo Edits]…t-feature-zozo