Carhartt WIP Radio December 2021

Waajeed UMA Radio Show


This month Carhartt WIP Radio features a mix by producer, DJ, and label owner @waajeed.

Last year, the Detroit-native launched the Underground Music Academy in his hometown. In his own words, the space aims “to provide accessible and affordable music education to residents of Detroit, and the world.”

His deeply personal Carhartt WIP Radio show features new local talents like 3K, @littlfly, and @kesswa, as well as Detroit legends like J Dilla, @ampfiddler, Mad Mike (@undergroundresistance) and @octaveone. The show also offers a grooving outlook on what the Underground Music Academy wants to achieve. As ever, we also sat down with this month’s host, discussing the origins of UMA, the role it hopes to play in its community, and also Waajeed’s own career at the intersection of activism and artistry. Check the interview at



1. 3K - Caitling
2. Little Fly - Warning
3. Kesswa - To Find
4. Dawon Lynn - Dec 31th 2017
5. J Dilla - Y’all Ain’t Ready
6. J Dilla - Big Booty Express
7. Amp Fiddler ft. Dames Brown - Steppin
8. Funkadelic - One Nation Under A Groove (DJ mOma Edit)
9. Jimpster ft. Casamena - One (Waajeed One Nation Remix)
10. LADYMONIX - Gonna Let
11. Octave One - Just Don’t Speak (Midnight Sun Redub)
12. Jamie 326 - Testify (Terrance Parker Remix)
13. Jon Dixon - 90 on the Lodge
14. DJ Minx - A Cocktail or Two
15. South Crew ft Diviniti - Now I Know (Invincible)
16. HLX -1 - I Can Tell You Can Fuck
17. Mad Mike - Analog Assassins
18. Bileebob - Call (Instrumental)
19. Galaxy 2 Galaxy - Journey of the Dragon…-music-academy