Carhartt WIP Radio June 2021

Carhartt WIP Radio - Paramida


Next up on Carhartt WIP Radio is DJ and label owner @paramida. Since moving from Frankfurt to the German capital in 2010, she has garnered a reputation for DJ sets that combine elements of rough proto-house, energetic techno, trippy trance, kicking new beat and dreamy Italo house.

Paramida’s multifaceted approach to DJing is rooted in her love of crate-digging, a passion further fueled by working for the record store Oye, before going on to launch her own series of parties, and subsequently a record label, named @loveontherocks, in 2014. The label is, in her words, an “experiment in musical exploration, embracing artists both known and unknown, music both old and new.”

So far, it has released music by renowned artists like @massimilianopagliara, @fantastic-man, and Italian edit specialist DJ Steve. The label’s “Supergau” compilation series, meanwhile, features work by nascent artists, such as @ivanberko from New York City and @warehousepreservation from Los Angeles, while it has also released several reissues, including obscure gems from 1980s German synth-pop trio Romie Singh.

It is this diversity of sound that has helped Paramida establish herself her own unique niche, playing to crowds throughout Europe, as well as Vietnam, South Korea and Brazil. Closer to home, and on the back of a residency at Offenbach’s mythic Robert Johnson club, she also began a new residency at Berlin’s infamous Panorama Bar shortly before the pandemic struck in early 2020. At a time when dancefloors lay empty and silent, Paramida has continued to keep herself busy through her monthly @rinsefm radio show, two new shows at Berlin’s @refugeworldwide platform, and a show on Frankfurt’s @eosfrankfurt.

For Carhartt WIP Radio Paramida found some time to create a well-balanced Love On The Rocks mix that features older classics from producers like @telephones from Norway or the Detroit electronic musician @shariflaffrey as well more recent material by Berlin-based producers like @longhairlive and @alexkassian.

As always, we talked to our host about her label’s philosophy and her first steps as a DJ, as well as a few quickfire questions. Check the interview at

track list:

1.: Alex KASSIAN - Chopstick Romance
2.: Elles x Violet - A life lived in fear is half lived
3.: Telephones - Lotusland (Sunset Mix)
4.: Fantastic Man - Fountain Gate
5.: Ghost Vision - Shakuhachi
6.: Longhair - The Forbidden Dance
7.: Sharif Laffrey - Acid Book
8.: Romie Singh - Cry Freedom
9.: Zombies In Miami - Snake Language
10.: Sharif Laffrey - Pony Jam