Carhartt WIP Radio July 2022

Jana Rush Radio Show



Next up on Carhartt WIP Radio is the Chicago-based DJ and producer Jana Rush, who began DJing at the age of ten, before making her production debut a few years later on Jesse Saunders’ legendary Dance Mania imprint.

Following the release of “DJ Deeon Presents the Youngest Female DJ” in 1996, Rush became a regular at Chicago juke, footwork, and house events, playing alongside legends like the late DJ Rashad. Between 1996-2015, she went on hiatus to concentrate on a life outside of music, working as a chemical engineer by day and a CAT scan technologist by night.

In 2017, Jana Rush returned with her first full length album “Pariah”. It kicked off a series of shows around the world in venues such as Chicago’s Smartbar and Berlin’s Berghain, and at festivals like Rewire in The Hague.

During the pandemic, Rush found the time to work on her second album “Painful Enlightenment'', released on Planet Mu in 2021. The album is a move away from familiar footwork sounds into more abstract territories. The exclusive mix Rush created for Carhartt WIP Radio is just as experimental – or in her own words, “unapologetically Jana Rush.” Accompanying the mix is an interview with Rush touching on the current state of the Chicago house scene, eschewing social media to focus on her craft, and what she has in the pipeline.


1. Jana Rush - Acid tek
2. Jana Rush - 42820
3. Jana Rush - My life
4. Jana Rush - Beach ball chant
5. Jana Rush - Don’t want no dick
6. Jana Rush - Let me see ya
7. Jana Rush - Chill mode rmx
8. Jana Rush - Aural Hallucinations (laid back)
9. Jana Rush - Muthafuka Bad Bitch
10. Jana Rush - Beat Maze
11. Jana Rush - Turbulence
12. Jana Rush - Let me hit dat edit (feat. PayPal)
13. Jana Rush - Nicki edit
14. Jana Rush - Transformers (feat. PayPal)
15. Jana Rush - Off day nigga (feat. Dj Rashad)
16. Jana Rush - SunRa Rmx(feat. Dj Hank)
17. Jana Rush - Let me work
18. Jana Rush - Telegraph
19. Jana Rush - No sleep(feat. Hank)
20. Jana Rush - Chi-ill (feat. Traxman)
21. Jana Rush - Smoking (PayPal)
22. Jana Rush - No fuks given
23. Jana Rush - Need ur loving (feat. Dj Hank and Boylan)…ture-jana-rush