Carhartt WIP Radio April 2022

Herrensauna Radio Show



Next up on Carhartt WIP Radio is @herrensauna, a Berlin based party collective and label dedicated to the harder edges of techno. Launched in Berlin in October 2015 by the Viennese DJs Nicolas Endlicher aka @thetruemcmlxxxv and @cemdukkha, the party quickly became a mainstay of Berlin’s vibrant nightlife scene.

After hosting parties in various locations around the city, Herrensauna found a permanent home at Tresor club in 2017 and launched their eponymous record label, releasing three 10inch vinyls, before the pandemic slowed their prolific output. Instead of being disheartened, they compiled a Herrensauna label compilation, featuring Danish producers @sugar_fastforward and Historical Repeater, and also began making clothes.

The latter led to their soon-to-be-released capsule collection with Carhartt WIP. To celebrate the release of the Herrensauna x Carhartt WIP capsule collection, Cem and MCMLXXXV conducted a mix for Carhartt WIP Radio that features fresh Herrensauna techno music by artists like Icelandic producer ©volruptus and Slikback (@freddymn) from Nairobi, Kenya.

To accompany the show we spoke to MCMLXXXV and Cem, who shared some rare insights about their label and party with us. Read our chat at

1. Volruptus - Anima Mundi
2. Volruptus - Lodestar
3. Historical Repeater - Paranoia
4. Aasthma feat. Dale Cornish - Go Bark
5. Isabella - Stunt
6. Cadency - Crack & Collapse
7. Sugar - New Life
8. Volruptus - Propel
9. Volruptus - Moxie
10. Nebuchadnezzar - Comocediceblood
11. Slikback - Density
12. GOD69 - XHALA
13. Volruptus - Exist Dance…re-herrensauna