Carhartt WIP Radio November 2021

Equiknoxx Music Radio Show


This month Carhartt WIP Radio brings you natural vibes from Jamaica and feature one the country’s most fascinating contemporary collectives: @equiknoxxmusic. Since 2015 Shanique Marie, Gavsborg, Time Cow, Bobby Blackbird and Kemikal Splash have reinvented dancehall music while twisting it with field recordings, hip hop, pop, glitch sounds, and all that jazz.

Their show for Carhartt WIP Radio features music released on their very own label Equiknoxx Music and displays their whole creative palette, featuring esoteric, experimental tunes, ska driven dub, stripped down dancehall as well as compelling pop and hip hop voyages, including unheard music and hits like this year’s spring smasher „Elephant Man“ .

As ever, we also sat down with our hosts, to discuss their musical upbringing, production methods, Jamaican roots and more. Check the interview at


1. Bobby Blackbird - Master Blenda (Dubbed by Time Cow)
2. Exile Di Brave & Time Cow - Blackheart Man
3. Gavsborg - Making Love To Volca
4. Kat7 - Trinken Saft
5. Gavsborg - Please Forgive Me for Sampling Shanique’s Song
6. Equiknoxx - Thingamajigama Feat. RTKal & Rege Sosa
7. Equiknoxx - Jump!
8. The Council of Gods & Son Raw - Basic Replay
9. Equiknoxx - Good Sandra
10. Shanique Marie - Quality Time Sound System
11. Equiknoxx - Was Initially Called Make it Stop Feat. Storm Saulter & Doll Face Charmie…ture-equiknoxx